New Finance Industry Solutions

With the rapid development of Internet finance, customers show high demand for data security, policy regulation, precision marketing and debt collection services In response, eSOON provides a professional all-media call center solution, which offers a full set of functions for user analysis, including complete leads analysis for user access channels and browsing history tracking, all-channel response and reception, active invitation by customer service personnel, customer information center, real-time session monitoring and more Thus, we help customers achieve effective circulation of user leads and automatic marketing, prevent potential risks, increase work efficiency and create new business models for the new era

  • Rapid growth in the financial industry generates strong demand for smart financial services

  • Data hard to consolidate due to the presence of multiple consulting channels

  • Financial sales processes hard to control with complicated circulation of sales leads and frequent appearance of sensitive words

  • Failure to refine operation because of the difficulty to process interaction data

  • High knowledge requirement and high training cost

  • Large number of return visits, low efficiency of outbound calls

Our Strengths
Flexible response to prevent risks

With core lexicons such as customized thesaurus, sensitive lexicon, segmentation lexicon, enterprises can input proper nouns and related synonyms into the lexicon and make a judgment during the question and answer matching, thus increasing the accuracy

Precise user portraits for active invitation

Identify customer demands from detailed session records and draw precise user portraits for marketing through outbound calls, so as to increase conversion rate and user satisfaction

Streamlined communication processes and lower communication cost

Unified management for all channels with seamless connection and clear communication between customer service staff and users

Smart applications

Rounds of smart interactions, smart outbound calls, smart quality inspection, smart knowledge base building, in-depth knowledge of user needs, lower cost for outbound calls, less response time and better user experience

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