Education Industry Solutions

China s education and training market has been developing vigorously, and online education, in particular, has maintained an annual growth rate of over 30% Amid fierce market competition, traffic acquisition has become the key to survival eSOON provides targeted solutions for user acquisition, information retention, customer service and other aspects highly relevant to the education and training industry We offer complete solutions for user analysis and whole-process communication between customer service personnel and users, which support complete leads analysis for user access channels and browsing history tracking, all-channel response and reception, active invitation by customer service personnel, customer information center, telesales communication and other customer service functions, thus achieving the circulation of user leads and automatic marketing, increasing work efficiency and creating new business models in the new era

  • Data hard to consolidate due to the presence of multiple consulting channels

  • Complicated circulation of sales leads difficult to merge results in low execution efficiency

  • Lower visitor-to-customer conversion rate, and difficulty for trainees to do the consulting

  • Failure to refine operation because of the difficulty to process interaction data

  • Large number of return visits, low efficiency of outbound calls

Our Strengths
Easy customization

Our customized solutions cater to actual needs of customers

Precise user portraits, active invitation

Data analysis for FAQs and access tracking give precise user portraits which facilitate active invitation for conversation and push conversion rate up

Streamlined communication process and lower communication cost

Unified management for all channels with seamless connection, clear communication between customer service staff and users, with no need of speculation or repeated description

Smart applications

In-depth knowledge of user needs, interaction channel of customers’ choice, reduced labor cost for outbound calls, less response time, better user experience.

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