Solution for All-media Customer Experience Center

Engaged in the call center industry for 20 years, eSOON has always strove for innovations to meet the needs of customers and has established close partnership with Genesys who powers 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year Genesys s solutions perform equally well across all channels, on premise or in the cloud, mirror the demands of users truthfully and reach users expectations

What We Do
  • All-media contact center

  • Smart application

  • Customized development of special functions

  • Work engagement management (WEM)

Our Strengths
All-media contact center

● A pure soft SIP architecture
● The most compatible platform in the industry
● Support for diverse service channels (WeChat, app, web, SNS) with unified routing and management
● Virtualization and cloud deployment
● Customized solutions for specific industries

Smart applications

● Smart speech navigation
● Smart robot applications (voice, text)
● Smart quality inspection and speech analysis

Customized development of special functions

● Phone number blocking
● Customized inquiry functions for WeChat, app, web and other channels
● Development of special applications for customer AI

Work engagement management (WEM)

● Quality management (quality inspection)
● Performance DNA map
● Schedule prediction

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