Insurance Industry Solutions

With gradual evolution of the insurance industry, business lines have developed rapidly Facing a wide variety of business services and increased channels of consulting, enterprises have to overcome various new challenges and opportunities In this context, insurance enterprises put forward higher requirements for contact centers eSOON s all-media contact center has completed the closed loop of insurance services, and created its own business mode in the new era, including professional solutions of remote ID verification, order placing, integration and unified management of multiple channels, intelligent voice navigation, intelligent outbound call, big data collection and further exploration of potential customer value

  • High staff turnover, low consulting efficiency

  • Large amount of specialty knowledge, high requirement for training, high operation cost

  • Long claim settlement cycles, complicated rules

  • Difficult interaction data processing, low commercial value

Our Strengths
Easy connection and integration

Customized solutions catering to customer needs

AI for business development

Case acceptance anytime anywhere with reduced labor cost and increased efficiency
Data analysis for FAQs and access tracking, exploration of commercial value and precision marketing

Online claim audit

Video online review and remote loss assessment to boost conversation efficiency and expedite claim settlement, underwriting and other services

Smart applications

In-depth knowledge of user needs, less pressure for customer service, less response time and better user experience

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